Due to the fact that all players and computers are different, there may be technical difficulties in viewing these VCD/CDs under your operating environment. We post all questions reported as well as their answers here. Please browse through this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and hopefully you will find the answer.

All VCD/CDs you received have been tested prior to the production. However, having a small percentage of defective CD is not unusual. Submit report with a detailed description of the problem encountered. Make sure you specify the CD number (VCD1of3, VCD2of3, VCD3of3, VCD4 or CD5) on which the problem occurs. 


Q1. I inserted the VCD into my DVD player. Nothing happened. It doesn’t work.

A1. You must use the DVD player that also supports VCD, CD-R (or even MP3).  Check the user manual of your DVD player. If it does not support VCD, you can use your computer to view these VCD.  See Viewing VCD with Microsoft Media Player

The Rreunion VCD is version 2.0 format. Not all VCD players support version 2.0 VCD. You can find more information on VCD by clicking here. Then click the VCD link on the WHAT IS section located at the upper left corner.

Q2. I am getting fuzzy, broken pictures when viewing VCD3of3 near the end. I am unable to see the "reunion cake". All other VCD/CDs are fine. I was using Microsoft Media Player on my computer to play these VCD. Attached are 2 pictures captured from my screen so you can see the problem.

A2. There might be a bum on your particular copy of VCD3of3 which can cause this "video noise". It is likely a defective copy and we may have to replace it for you.