Fine Arts Courtyard
To: Tunghai Choir Members who graduated between '69 and '75
Date: 08/15/2003
Subj: A Walk Down Memory Lane with Mrs. Rice - 3rd Communication

Dear Choir Members,

Greetings. Autumn is just around the corner. In approximately four months we shall be sitting on the benches in Tunghai's Music Hall rehearsing under Mrs. Rice's direction. Are you as excited as we are? Have you already started doing voice exercises at home (those poor neighbors)? Thanks to a group of hard working volunteers, we have commitment from close to 40 choir members who plan to attend the reunion. Now is the time to put the plan in motion. Please fill out the registration form below and send it to Lo Chih-Wang who is our volunteer treasurer before the deadline of 09/30/2003. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Many alumni have expressed concern that SARS may return this winter affecting the reunion. We believe the government in Taiwan, with 3 months of SARS fighting under its belt, is now more alert to the problem and has better procedures in place. We pray that Taiwan will be SARS free. However, if SARS cases become a problem again, we will publish a travelers' advisory to allow you to take precautions. We will also establish a good cancellation and refund policy to handle unforeseen circumstances. Please do not let SARS affect your decision to register.

Registration Form

Itinerary: (please see the 2nd Communication for a more detailed itinerary)

01/02/2004 Registration, Rehearsal (after 17:00)
01/03/2004 Rehearsal, Reunion, Banquet
01/04/2004 Sunday Service, Afternoon Leave for KenTing National Park
01/04 - 01/06 KenTing National Park
01/06/2004 Taipei Wesley Church Recital (20:00)


(1) 1/2 - 1/4 3 days/2 nights Reunion Only (includes 1/3, 1/4 breakfast, 1/3 banquet, and 1/2, 1/3 lodging)

  1. ____________ Alumnus US$250
  2. ____________ Spouse US$230, minus US$30 if no banquet
  3. ____________ Children (share room with parents) US$150 per child, minus US$30 if no banquet
  4. ____________ Adult Children (separate room) US$230 per child, minus US$30 if no banquet
(2) Reunion + KenTing Tour (adds 3 days bus and 2 nights lodging, does not include any meals)
  1. ____________ Alumnus US$450
  2. ____________ Spouse US$430
  3. ____________ Children (share room with parents) US$325 per child, minus US$30 if no banquet
  4. ____________ Adult Children (separate room) US$430 per child, minus US$30 if no banquet
(3) Reunion + KenTing Tour + One Night in Taipei (adds one night lodging in Taipei)
  1. ____________ Alumnus US$500
  2. ____________ Spouse US$480
  3. ____________ Children (share room with parents) US$375 per child, minus US$30 if no banquet
  4. ____________ Adult Children (separate room) US$480 per child, minus US$30 if no banquet
Please provide names (in Chinese and English) of all participants:

Alumnus:________________________ ________________________
Spouse:________________________ ________________________
Child 1:________________________ ________________________
Child 2:________________________ ________________________
Child 3:________________________ ________________________
Child 4:________________________ ________________________

The deadline for registration is 09/30/2003. Please send your check (pay to: Lo Chih-Wang) and registration form to:

Lo Chih-Wang
Chung-Yang Road, Alley 127, Number 13, 15th Floor-2
Hsin-Dian, Taiwan 231

Please note that this letter is also posted to the Class of '72 web site:

Fine Arts Center

Sincerely Yours,
Class of '72 Choir Members