If You Are Interested to Know More about What Others Do

This is a new page for information on what you do for a living, an interesting recipe, your hobbies. If you are interested, please submit a brief description and a web site link (if available). This can supplement what has been said in the reunion and will enhance future communications. Who knows, may be there will be some business collaborations.

Yang Wu-huang
ScienTek Software pioneered the commercial application of PC in the management of a typical pharmaceutical stability testing program. STABILITY SYSTEM deals with all aspects of the stability testing program ...
Yu Ta-Shyong
Chem. Eng.
Since 1985, Unipure has designed, built and installed treatment systems for enhanced metals removal and conventional precipitation.
Ho Po-Wen
Ind. Eng.
Axxion Group Corporation, a subsidiary of Loyalty Founder Enterprise of Taiwan, has been a leader in the computer enclosure industry for more than a decade ...
Chuang Shu-Fen

Wang Kung
Professor, Department of Chemistry, West Virginal University
Chang Yung-Nien 
VIRxSYS mission is to develop and offer genetic medicines and vaccines for the treatment and management of a broad group of life-threatening diseases such as AIDS and cancer.
C. T. Hsu
C. T. Hsu + Associates, P. A. (CTH+A) is an Orlando based, multi-discipline firm offering complete architectural, planning, urban design, interior design and construction administration services. Founded in 1984 ....
Lena Liu
Lena Liu is an artist of unparalleled popularity in today's collectibles market - art lovers around the world enjoy the universal yet personal character of her paintings. Beautiful birds, tranquil landscapes, and breathtaking floral and musical still lifes are among her collectors' favorites.