My New York City, 2001

By Henry Wang

A citizen of Taiwan, and a prawn culturist
Grateful for his connecting with Americans he has encountered, though he never visit New York.
Sobbed and hardly to find his consolations and prompted his writing this poem to share with the suffered ones.
Written in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Sept. 29, 2001

The day in September
Two altars sounded and smoked
6999 angels were assigned
Angels flew to the places known and unknown
To announce a new millennium began

  New York    New York
I've ever known
where my Jewish friend mindful Levine resides
from Europe her ancestors fled
where my uncle Chen went 15 years ago
his son has motels
a dentist his son-in-law
where my Philippines associate Barrameda
changed to be a nurse
for it is too cold the prawns to grow
where sarcastic my Indian client Reddy
but he definitely likes to go yeah

  Only this September this September
The angels I love forever
Oh New York my wonders

  New York ever has possessed
magic to empower
encouragements to transform
fundamentalists, refugees no matter who they were
artists, professionals now they are

  Oh it recalls
My growths with Americans in late 60's
my zoology sir Alexander
his best life and family have sowed
my freshmen English teacher Ms. Nichols
her husband flew fighter in Vietnam, rolled
my sophomore English sir
Prescott taught me Bertrand Russell
his friend as well taught
a pacifist against Vietnam War
we didn't know much about his war
because we had our terrible Wars
however students fond of his humor and love story been told
dear Missionary Rose
she instructed us Bach’s music and Paul Tillich
In 70's,
funds of The Asia Foundations and Rockefeller's
for the training of culturing prawns
later I worked abroad
indeed they were awe
my life-styles' mentor D Druckenmiller
a community-volunteer dared
when US embassy stayed no more
my life-long friend Presbyterian pastor Biglow
he ever once left order and found his call
he guided me to respect the creeds of different worlds

  And in late 90's
our three-years study group for which I chaired
books of Scott Peck been aired
with school teachers of my town to share

  The smoke suddenly clear at least
Part of me to love and hate
Precious legacies I inherit
seed of idealist
courage to experiment
uncertainties so much I've thought

  I see angels intimate wrinkled Sister Teresa
barely hear her whispers
Need a hymn offered not
But it comforts the dreams of in spite
I see then angels fly
Contented with beauty eyes
A bountiful journey strides

  The planet shall chorus
A city to be called
Provision of innocence
Defense of diversities
Covenant of participations
Protection of fragilities
Competence of anxieties

Life is good
Life is good
Announced very loud
New York City, indeed is good