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To: Tunghai Choir Members who graduated between '69 and '75
Date: 12/16/2002
Subject: A Walk Down Memory Lane with Mrs. Rice

Dear Choir Members,

Oh, to sing again with old friends at the Tunghai Fine Arts Center ...

Greetings, from a group of Class of '72 Choir members!

We had a wonderful 30th class reunion in Las Vegas this past July. Seventeen choir members (including 1 from '69, 1 from '70, 1 from '71 and 1 from '74) participated in the festivities. We invited Mrs. Rice, our beloved conductor, to join us. Many of us arrived one day early to hold a singing party. If you are interested, please see Sun Shao-tang's account of this fun filled event at the Class of '72 reunion web site (under Liu2 Yan2 Ban3):

It was truly memorable ...

In fact, so much so that we are inspired to call out to ALL choir members who have sung with Mrs. Rice to join us in a Choir Reunion to take place in January 2004. We were told the Fine Arts Center is being replaced by a new one. This will be your once in a life time opportunity to refresh your fond memory of the endless rehearsal nights in the old Music Hall under Mrs. Rice's conducting.

Yes, Mrs. Rice has cleared her calendar for the week of 1/2/2004 through 1/7/2004 so that she can join us at Tunghai. We hope to brave the Tunghai wind, walk the familiar trails between the dorms and the Fine Arts Center, sit down on those cold hard stadium benches - although rumor has it that the seats were upgraded to softer ones many moons ago - and sing once more with Mrs. Rice.

Here is a tentative itinerary:

  1/2/2004 Fri: Registration, Get Reacquainted
  1/3/2004 Sat: Rehearsal, Fellowship
  1/4/2004 Sun: Sing at the Sunday Service at Luce Chapel
  1/5-1/7/2004: More Rehearsals in Taipei? Informal Recital
		in Wei-Li-Tang? Side Tour? Let us know
		what is your pleasure...

You are the lucky few whose email addresses happen to be on hand and therefore the first to hear of this wonderful event.

If you would prefer not to receive any future reunion news, please reply to this email and ask to be removed from our mailing list. We perfectly comprehend that reunion is not everyone's cup of tea.

However, if upon reading this email, you find your heart pounding, your palms sweating, and you cannot stop yourself from humming "May the Lord bless you and keep you", then, please reply to this email with a resounding "YES, I WILL COME!" and provide us with the following information to ensure the completeness of our communication network.

  Chinese Name         Address
  English Name         Home Phone
  Department           Work Phone
  Graduation Year      Cell Phone
  Choir Part           email Address

Could you also dig out your address book, find those Choir members with whom you have kept in touch, and call them to spread the news? Ask them to contact one of the following people:

 Taiwan: Chi Yu-Ho          US: Sun Shao-Tang      Elsewhere: Lu Kung-Ching
  H: 2-2363-5896             H: 302-239-4691        H: 765-463-4807
  W: 2-2314-9291             W: 302-266-7030X14     W: 765-494-6023

In addition, we are looking for volunteers to serve as class contact person, one in Taiwan and one in the US, for each graduating class. They will be responsible for calling the choir members in their class and persuade them to commit to the event. This will be the perfect excuse for you to pick up the phone and reach out to reconnect with your old friends. We look forward to the stampede of volunteers beating down our doors.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sincerely Yours,        
Class of '72 Choir Members