(a letter from Dr. Junkin)

Dear friends from the class of 1972,

Thank you so much for inviting Peggy and me to your 30th class reunion. Tunghai is a special place where the students almost seem to be one family. I enjoyed so much our three years at Tunghai as I was allowed to become part of that family and also had the opportunity to teach you in physics class. During those years I learned much more than I ever taught. I learned how to play bridge a little better, how to speak Chinese a little better, and even how to sing Christmas carols after midnight. But most of all I learned the joy of having you as my friend.

Now, 30 years later, it was a great honor and privilege to be able to join you during your reunion. We thoroughly enjoyed everything -- the slide show, the banquet, the singing, the awards, and especially the recollections of days at Tunghai. After the banquet, the tour was spectacular. (Some of you missed the tour and some day soon I hope that you can see the wonderful sights that we saw.) Thank you.

The greatest joy that teachers can have is to have friendship with their former students and to see all that they have become and are accomplishing. For the 29 years since I left Tunghai I have been explaining to people that, although I continue to teach good students, the very best students that I have ever taught were the students that I taught at Tunghai. Now I can add that they not only were excellent students but they have continued to be wonderful people and my good friends.

Please come and visit us whenever you get the chance. Our children are married and have moved to other states, so we have plenty of empty beds if you need a place to spend the night.


Bill Junkin