I am not sure if you have received the sad news about Lee Chin-yung. This morning in Taipei Igi received news about his passing away. Both of us felt it difficult to take. He was such an up and around, energetic, optimistic person. I feel so sorry.

Not many of us know his family, but, I think it will be well if any of us would like to write letters of condolence to his family. I do not have the address with me in the office. Please forgive me. It should be on the directory for choir members.

Take good care of yourself till we meet again.

—   汲宇荷


Yes, it is so hard to believe that our beloved choir member, Dr. Peter Lee Chin-Yung, passed away this morning at 7:25AM (7/25 is his birthday) in his San Jose residence unexpectedly. Peter's wife, Trio, and daughter Jennifer, son Steven were around before he passed away. It came too suddenly; the whole family is still in shock. Peter was under chemo therapy for a while; he took a lot of pain killer to combat the severe pain. The doctor suspected it could be the heavy dosage of pain killer that caused the shut down of his body system.

Trio told me that Peter wanted to come to our choir reunion so much in January, but it was the doctor who suggested to him not to take the long distance trip. This he regretted very much and was determined to join our reunion next year. Trio told me that Peter was in tears when he listened to our choir CD that Shao-tang sent him.

Peter was such a cheerful person, good natured and hard working. In fact, I was the matchmaker of his marriage to my god-sister Trio. We consider each other like families.

There will be a memorial service on November 6th in San Jose, I believe. If any of you, the choir members, will be able to attend this service, please advise. Perhaps we can sing for Peter for the last time.

Let's all pray for Peter and his family in peace.

—   賴兆貞


When I read Yu-ho and Chao-chen's emails I could not help but have this image of Peter in front of me - a handsome man with a big, genuine, warm and bright smile, and eyes filled with happiness.

Last time I talked to him was exactly a year ago. It was the agreed time between us that he would make a final decision on the reunion. I was making full-court pressure trying to convince him to join us at the reunion. How little I knew at the time that he had serious health issues and did not want us who loved him and cared about him to worry. He told me that he had some speaking engagement in India that he promised to go and was set up two years earlier! From his tone I could tell that he was really sorry that he could not join us. I certainly was disappointed but accepted his decision. He wanted me to extend his well-wishes to all his comrades.

I learned about his real reason at the reunion. I was concerned but with the belief Chin-yung was going to be fine and decided that I should just let him have his India story for a while longer. About a month ago I read the article in the World Journal talking about Chin-yung's retirement (news from TEFA - thank you I-Yu for keeping us informed all these years) and his health issue. Finally with this public information I was able to contact him to express our care and thoughts for him. A couple of weeks ago I sent him a short note and the choir CDs (the old recordings and the new CD we made In January). The one comforting thing for me is that he knew we were with him and our music accompanied him. But I am still very sad.

—   孫召棠


昨天一早吳文建 (15屆政治系同學,他的太太黃美惠是舊金山世界日報副主任) 的越洋電話傳來我們的好友李欽湧過世的消息,真令人難過!

還記得2001年的7月,我隨益裕參加12、13屆在 LAS VEGAS 舉辦的畢業31、30 週年 REUNION,李欽湧帶著太太、兒子及女兒全家出席盛會。晚宴中的主持人李欽湧是那麼風趣、活潑和健康,帶給大家溫馨、快樂的氣氛。讓我想起當年在聖樂團的日子裡,簡春安因為職責所在,總是一板一眼,很多的規範要大家遵守,他的同班同學李欽湧就以幽默略帶詼諧的姿態應付那嚴肅的總總,年少的時候認為這位學長有點調皮搗蛋。其實他是最佳氣氛營造者,過去如此,30 年後仍然如此。只是,萬萬沒想到那竟然是與李欽湧的最後一面。

一段時間後,聽說他病了。2004 年元月Choir Reunion 沒見到他,知道他正努力與病魔搏鬥中,大家都很想念他,期盼下一次的Reunion 可以見到他。沒想到他就這樣永遠離我們而去。但願我們所錄製的CD,能帶給他一些安慰,讓我們的歌聲永遠陪伴著他。

—   黃逸姬


To me, Peter is forever a 'Happy Singing Cowboy'!

When I was a young and innocent freshman in '68, Peter grabbed me out of the blue and made me sing "All I Have to Do is Dream" (by Everly Brothers) with him ..... A perfect love-song-singing duet was born that day, at least Peter and I pictured ourselves that way. Regrettably, our song never achieved the stardom status of Chang Da-Pings's "I Love You For Sentimental Reason" in our choir.

I was expecting Peter to join our last reunion in Taiwan, and hoping he would be able to join our next one, so the mighty duet could sing this love song again to serenade all the young ladies (Mrs. Rice included) in our choir, unfortunately now this dream of mine shall remain unfulfilled.

Sadly, Peter had accelerated his footsteps into the future beyond and left us behind; but we will always remember him, strumming his guitar, kicking the soccer ball and chasing/accomplishing his big dreams.

Please click two Hyperlinks here,

—   倪伯峰


"Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high...." That's how I remember Peter, and his guitar.

Laughter and tears, Choir members should get together more often, and cherish.

Four strong winds that blow lonely
Seven seas that run high
All those things that don't change come what may
But our good times are all gone
And I'm bound for moving on
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way


—   辜懷群


知道學長李欽湧生病已經有一段時間,但是現在科學、醫學如此發達,加上大家心目中的他似乎一直保持年輕時爽朗,俐落的印象, 總不覺得病痛與他會有多大的關係,認為只要肯去就醫,就該沒什麼大不了的毛病。於是知道就當知道了,卻少有同學打電話去探病。誰知前幾天噩訊從天而降,大家如被雷擊,後悔當初沒去探望略微表達同學關切的情誼。

我們社會系一向女多男少。少年郎們剛剛離開和尚廟的高中,立刻掉進嘰嘰喳喳的女生堆堙A若不是有過人的膽識和超人的勇氣,這輩子不被女子們嚇倒,須要努力研讀課堂上所接觸的各種行為學、心理學才行。女生們平日嘰喳有餘,迎新送舊等大場面鮮有人願意出來拋頭露面,主持節目,更別論作任何的餘興表演。所以從大一迎新會開始,好像欽湧的吉他及歌聲就是系際活動節目的中心。Hey Jude 是他的招牌歌,只要開口他就一定會唱這首歌。

幾乎凡有欽湧的地方一定有歡笑,也一定有音樂。我們大一暑假到臺南作貧戶調查時,他帶我們中間一個小組,相當負責,也非常照顧學弟學妹們。有一天到了范惠美家,經范伯伯辦桌招待(酒醉) 飯飽之後,見他們家放了只吉他,忍不住拿起吉他又高歌起來。


欽湧走了,可以唱歌的伴少了一人。忍不住低聲地哼起 Hey Jude ...

—    程瑩,方玢玢


記得南部旅行演唱那年,中午在澄清湖野餐,我正吃得高興時,欽湧跑來,很神秘小聲地告訴我說:「你要不要看《撲虛》?」 我說什麼《撲虛》?他連忙把食指放到嘴上說:「噓,小聲點。」這下子引起了我的好奇心,便當一放,就跟著他去看《撲虛》了。到那一看,兩人相對大笑。於是分頭去找其他團友,不久就看到三三兩兩的人很好奇地聚集到《撲虛》的地方,看過的人又再去找別人,人是愈聚愈多,大家笑得人仰馬翻,原來欽湧學長活學活用群眾心裡學,騙得大家飯也不吃,跟著他去看路邊垃圾桶蓋上的英文大字 PUSH!!

那年加入聖樂團有一個學弟大名叫“黃金湖”,我們樂團裡面的一位老學長大名叫“陳福堂”的,興致一來,開了黃學弟一個玩笑。他走到黑板前,把名字寫成“黃金╴湖”,弄得我們老弟不知如何是好。這時侯就看欽湧面帶微笑走到黑板前面,拿起粉筆寫下三個大字:“沉浮╴塘”, 讓大家笑得人仰馬翻。

—    孫召棠,方玢玢


Before I got the sad news, I was just looking out the windows admiring and contemplating the leaves changing in this early fall season. It is beautiful, natural, but somewhat melancholy. I am deeply saddened to hear that Lee Chin-yung had passed away. We lost a choir member.... My memories drifted back to the good-old time of our Choir practices 30 some years ago at Tunghai. I saw a Chin-yung, a handsome-looking young man, walking into the rehearsal room with a beautiful full-teeth smile and glowing bright eyes. His hair seemed always gloomed perfectly with shine and with some hair deliberately dangling in the front to express the charm of his style. Also, he struck me as a very intelligent and energetic man, seemed always ready to tackle any hard tasks.

I learned from Chang Huei that Chin-yung had made a great accomplishment in his life. He was vice-president of San Jose State University in California. He was a loving husband and the father of two children - both in college. Huei said the last days of Chin-Yung's life, he wanted his wife and children close by his side and he held their hands. They were very loving to each other. It is difficult for me to see someone like Chin-yung who had great affection for his wife and children had to leave them behind. Chin-yung and his family are in my prayer.

—    楊小蘋


It is very unusual to have rainy days in California. Just like our tears that will not stop falling. It brings such a feeling of loss to know that Peter is no longer in San Jose !

We have been so lucky to be Tunghai University Choir members. We have made friends who are as close to us as brothers and sisters and will miss Peter very much. We will miss his voice and his smile.

I remember when we were in college, Peter lost his father. He was very very sad. We all felt his pain with him. Now he is with his father in Heaven. That is the one consolation.

Fighting cancer took a lot of courage from him and his family. May God be with his family to help them through the difficult time. We will do everything we can to comfort them.

Let us meet in San Jose to say good bye to Peter for the last time.

With Love and Prayer,

—    王明玲


記得當年李欽湧學長愛唱「惡水上的大橋」 (Bridge over Troubled Water),也的確以身作則,是一位可以倚靠的益友:

When you're weary, feeling small, 當你倦乏,不如意的時候,
when tears are in your eyes, 當你眼中含淚,
I will dry them all, 我會將它拂去,
I am on your side, 我會隨侍左右,
... ...



—    陸孔卿